The Passat Estate. Elegance. Poise. Performance

The Passat Estate is the embodiment of superior design and engineering. This is the perfect car for drivers who accept no compromises.

Passat Estate driving beneath an urban overpass


Passat Estate parked up in front of a city landscape


The streamlined design of the Passat Estate gives the car an elegant profile. The front has been given a strong, broad look with a striking chrome radiator grille. The large wheels and lowered bonnet meanwhile hint towards the car’s superior driving performance. The Passat Estate’s exquisite design has already been recognised by International Forum Design, who in 2015 awarded the car a prestigious iF award in the ‘Product’ category.

LED Headlights

The lighting design has undergone a total overhaul in the Passat Estate. Apart from the attractively contoured look, the energy-saving LED headlights use reflector technology to provide light-levels similar to daylight while lasting longer than ordinary headlights. Standard from the SE Business upwards. As an additional extra, you can add dynamic cornering lights. This advanced system turns the headlights as you turn the steering wheel to light up the direction you are travelling.

Passat Estate LED headlight
Passat Estate wheels standing up in a row


There is a wide selection of attractive wheels to go with your Passat Estate. Accentuate the elegant lines of your Passat Estate with attractive optional 16” Sepang alloy wheels. Or alternatively go for a sportier style with the 17” London wheels. But whether you prefer a sophisticated, sporty, or classic look for your wheels, you’ll find one to suit your taste. 


Interior Design

The Passat Estate’s cutting-edge exterior gives way to a luxurious interior. Your Passat Estate grants your passengers generous leg-space, premium materials woven into the seats, and thoughtful extra flourishes such as the ventilation strips which run the length of the dash panel. 

Interior of the Passat Estate showing both front and back passenger seats
Close up of the Ergocomfort seats in

ergoComfort seat

Long drives can become a real pain, especially on your back. The optional ergoComfort seat looks after your spine on longer journeys by ensuring you stay in a less strenuous driving position. You can find your optimum position by experimenting with the 14-way adjustable settings that allow you to change the seat height, seat rake, and the amount of tilt on the backrest. Plus, on the SE Business models and upwards you can even opt for the driver’s seat to come with a massage function.

Close up of the climatronic system on the dashboard

Climate Control

We all have our own favourite temperature, which can lead to long debates when it comes to the air-conditioning. With the Climatronic system these arguments will be a thing of the past. Climatronic uses three distinct climate zones meaning the driver, front passenger and rear passengers can each set their own personal temperature. On top of this, the system switches to recirculation mode when the car is in reverse to block unpleasant smells, and lowers the blower power at lower speeds to reduce noise levels. It can even defrost your windshield at the touch of a button. Standard on SE Business models and upwards.

Shot of the boot compartment of the Passat Estate with a bag for scale

Luggage compartment

Space is always at a premium. That’s why the Passat Estate’s luggage compartment comes with an impressive 650 litres of space, which can be extended even further to 1,780 litres by folding down the rear seats. With the optional extra equipment you get rail-mounted straps and a sliding luggage floor compartment for extra room and security for all your gear. 

Driving Assistance

Pedestrian detection

Somebody running out in front of your car as you drive through town is a worry for many drivers. The risk of this unexpected surprise can be greatly reduced by your Passat Estate’s ingenious pedestrian detection system. As part of the optional driver assistance pack, sensors at the front can detect when a pedestrian is stepping onto the road and give you an audio and visual warning. At the same time, the emergency brake lets you apply maximum pressure immediately. In cases where you can’t brake in time, your Passat Estate will try to stop in order to minimise the collision (at speeds of 18mph and under). 

Diagram showing how Pedestrian Detect works
Diagram showing how emergency assist works

Emergency Assist

We hope you never need it, but the optional Emergency Assist can be vitally important in the event of a medical emergency. Using the Lane Assist function your Passat Estate will recognise if the driver is not staying in their lane properly, this indicates to the system that you are not in full control of the vehicle. The car will then make audible warnings to other drivers and help bring the car to a gentle stop if the driver does not take back control of the vehicle quickly enough. 

Demonstration of Passat Estate using Traffic Jam Assist while in a traffic jam

Traffic Jam Assist

Stop. Go. Stop. Go. The repetitive nature of stop and start driving when you’re in the middle of a traffic jam can become tiring on your legs. Give yourself a well-earned rest with the Traffic Jam Assist function that comes as part of the Driver Assistance Pack Plus. Using the front sensors, Traffic Jam Assist monitors the car in front and automatically accelerates and brakes according to distance. This helps avoid the fender-benders which are all too common in compact situations. 

Passat Estate scanning its surroundings using Area View

Area View

The optional Area View overhead camera and Rear View reversing camera give you an almost unlimited field of vision. Images from the front, rear, and two side cameras allow you to see the area surrounding your Passat Estate by displaying on the dashboard’s touchscreen. By combining the view from all cameras you can even get a bird’s eye view of the car. Dynamic guidelines are included on the screen to allow you to more easily gauge distances between your Passat Estate and any nearby obstacles. 


Apple Music

When you opt for Car-Net with your Passat Estate you’ll receive six months of Apple Music, on us. Gain access to more than 50 million songs streamed directly from your iPhone, Android, or PC via the CarPlay media system. You’ll also be able to take advantage of Beats 1 Radio, which provides a wealth of up-to-date music and culture news and a host of exclusive content, all without commercial interruption.  

Girl on the street listening to Beats headphones
Guide and inform shown on the Passat Estate's dashboard

Car-Net Guide & Inform

Now you can enjoy the same connectivity you get at home in your Passat Estate. Through Car-Net’s revolutionary Guide & Inform system you can connect to a wealth of information including real-time traffic updates. Car-Net will even search the area you’re driving in to find popular attractions, and if one takes your fancy Car-Net will show you how to get there at the touch of a button.

App-Connect on the Passat Estate's dashboard

Car-Net App-Connect

The standard Car-Net App-Connect function allows you to hook up your smartphone to your Passat Estate’s dashboard. This means that compatible apps can be easily navigated through via the dashboard’s touchscreen. Connecting is simple, if you use a Google phone you can connect via MirrorLink™ or Android Auto™, alternatively you can use Apple CarPlay™ if you use an iPhone. Once up and running you can use Spotify, Whatsapp, and much more through your Passat Estate’s sound system. 

DYNAUDIO sound system speaker shown in the door sill of the Passat Estate


The optional Dynaudio Confidence sound system takes the audio in your Passat Estate to new levels of quality. Adapted to perfectly fit the car’s interior, the twelve loudspeakers include a central loudspeaker and have a total output of 700 watts for an unparalleled sound experience on your journeys. The 16-channel amplifier meanwhile means that the sound around each seat is customisable, so you and your passengers can find ideal levels individually. Four different sound systems can be configured for quieter listening or for listening to purely spoken word recordings, perfect for podcasts. 

Car-Net Security & Service

"Security & Service" features functions that will make your journey even safer. The Car-Net Service package offers you mobile access to important vehicle functions and combines security with transparency for even more comfort. Whether for Service Scheduling, Automatic Accident Notification, Breakdown Call or the Online Anti-Theft Alarm, you can call up support in every situation and they will provide you with all the key information you need regarding your mobility.

dashboard of the Passat Estate


Active info showing a variety of data on a screen behind the steering wheel

Active info display

Active Info Display is a feature that allows you to turn the instruments behind the steering wheel into an interactive display. Using the display you can view a range of information, including all driving data and the navigation map, displayed in one easy-to-see place. Standard on GT, R-Line and GTE Advance

Demonstration of a Passat Estate parking up a trailer using Trailer Assist

Trailer Assist

Parking with a trailer in tow can be seriously stressful work. That’s why we’ve given you the option to include Trailer Assist on your Passat Estate. Once you engage reverse gear and press the parking switch, just use the rotary knob to steer the trailer in the desired direction. All you need to do is use the accelerator and the brake, Trailer Assist will take care of the rest. For added peace of mind, you can take back control immediately either by moving the steering wheel or pressing the parking button. 

The head-up display shown on the Passat Estate's dashboard

Head-up Display

The optional head-up display places all key information within easy eyeshot. Data including speed, driver assistance messages, navigation information, and more is projected onto a high-quality optical surface right in front of the windscreen. Now all you need to do is take a quick glance and you’ll see all the information you need, no need to take your eyes off the road to check the dashboard. Plus, even in strong sunlight the information remains easily readable.

The Passat Alltrack

Off Road mode

The dynamic Passat Alltrack comes with an additional profile – Off-Road Mode. This allows you to own country roads with ease. One of the main advantages of this mode lies in the Hill Ascent and Descent Assist feature. This regulates your speed when the gradient exceeds 10%.

Shot of the Passat Alltrack parked in the mountains with a parachutist approaching
Passate Alltrack driving up a mountain road in the snow


Intuitive 4MOTION technology makes off-road driving far less daunting. This four-wheel drive feature greatly increases stability and safety when driving in icy or wet conditions. It works by making the wheels interact with each other so that your Passat Alltrack can deal with sudden loss of traction. Plus, because 4MOTION distributes power to all wheels when required, driving on uneven terrain becomes much easier. 

Dynamic Chassis Control

The Dynamic Chassis Control on the Passat Alltrack allows you to change the running gear to suit the terrain and your preferences. Choose from three distinct profiles - sporty, comfortable, or normal - at the push of a button. DCC reacts instinctively to your driving by taking account of your braking, steering and acceleration to provide a sharp and responsive driving experience.  

Parked up Passat Alltrack on a wet road