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Yet another way for Volkswagen to capitalise on perennially increasing demand for small crossover SUVs, which it claims is set to double in the next decade. Blimey. The VW T-Cross is effectively a taller, beefier-looking Polo. Previewed by the drop-top T-Cross Breeze Concept at 2016’s Geneva Motor Show, VW’s smallest SUV to-date rides on the same MQB platform, uses the same three-cylinder engines and is built in the same Spanish factory as the Polo, but is 54mm longer and 138mm taller. You sit 100mm higher up. And credit where credit’s due, it does look a bit different. No ‘Russian doll’ design here - VW has learnt from past attempts at SUV-ifying its hatchbacks (remember the Polo Dune? Anyone?), and instead of simply bolting on some black plastic cladding and a set of stainless-steel skid plates, it’s given the T-Cross a look (mostly) all its own.