The T-Roc R

As powerful as it is confident

Exterior shot of the T-Roc R

Next level performance

Beneath its hood the T-Roc R packs a 2.0 litre 300PS engine capable of accelerating from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.9 seconds. Meanwhile, the 7-speed automatic dual-clutch gearbox, forgiving sports suspension and 4MOTION technology ensure maximum control, regardless of the terrain.

The exterior of the T-Roc R

An exterior that demands attention

The T-Roc R’s bold exterior design enhances the sporty look and feel of the car. The robust front bumper sits below a front grille with an anodised finish, while the exclusive R-Line rear spoiler minimises drag. The R sits 15mm lower to the road to maintain solid grip.

Rear shot showing the T-Roc R's exhaust

Titanium exhaust

The quadruple Akrapovic titanium sports exhaust is ultra-durable and produces a distinct, rich sound. Plus because of the titanium used, it actually weighs 7kg less than the standard T-Roc exhaust.

Driver Profile Selection

Four individual driving modes make the T-Roc extremely versatile. For leisurely everyday driving you can choose COMFORT mode, however if you want to experience the full force of the R, go for RACE mode. Two additional modes are also available to you, SPORT for a punchier drive, and ECO for more fuel efficient driving.

Rear of the T-Roc R
Close up of the T-Roc R's wheel

Sports suspension

The T-Roc R’s suspension puts you closer to the road. The finely tuned shock absorbers, firm springs and anti-roll bars allow you to push the R to its limits while maintaining a supremely comfortable drive.

Shot of the R-Line seat within the T-Roc R

Highest quality comfort

The T-Roc R is kitted out with sports seats woven with our premium ArtVelours microfibre. The multifunction steering wheel is wrapped in leather and flanked by paddle gearshifts. As a final nod to the car’s sports pedigree, the pedals come in striking stainless steel.