Charging at home and on the go

The e-mobility of the future is suitable for everyday use, convenient and, most importantly, sustainable, regardless of whether you are on the go or relaxing at home.

Illustration ID.3 charging with green power

ID. Charger – the Volkswagen wall box

Our ID. Charger Pro brings the fuel station to you. Now you can get into your ID.3 in the morning and start your day full of energy. You could say it's re-fuelling in your sleep. The ID. Charger Pro  comes with a built-in electricity meter – so that you can always keep an eye on the energy consumption.
Our installation service also makes installation as convenient as possible for you – from the free online pre-check to the installation itself. In other words, no problem with everything under one roof. So you can order your ID. Charger Pro via your Volkswagen retailer or online.

Illustration ID.3 charging at wallbox

Charge on the go

In order to achieve our own stated objective of a carbon-neutral ID.3, we have even made it possible for you to charge your vehicle on the go – simply and sustainably. The key: We Charge.

Illustration charging via smartphone and We Charge

Charging with We Charge

We Charge is a digital access to more than 150,000 charging points all over Europe and makes charging your ID.3 that much easier. You can also effortlessly plan routes following the public charging station network and navigate to available stations. For example, it can guide you to IONITY stations. These rapid-charging stations are not only powerful but also – depending on availability in each country – already up to 100% green.


Paying with We Charge

With We Charge, payments are easy and transparent through your chosen We Charge tariff with invoices included at the connected charging stations throughout Europe. Convenient with a smartphone is the We Connect ID. app from Volkswagen. Authentication at the charging station requires the We Charge charging card or Plug & Charge in future, when the charging station will be able to identify you from your electric vehicle. And while you are charging your vehicle, you can use the app to check and manage the charging status on the move or set it to notify you when the charging process is complete. Everything is automatic. We Charge, so to speak.

Illustration payment via smartphone and We Charge

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