Petrol engines

Great performance with economy

Our award-winning TSI petrol engines mean you no longer have to choose between performance and economy. Small, light and powerful, they blend the best of our TDI diesel and FSI (Direct Injection) engines. The result is outstanding fuel saving, lower emissions and, best of all, greater performance.


Maximum power with minimum consumption. When you drive one of our TSI cars you don't have to choose between performance and economy. TSI engines offer an enjoyable and involving drive, while cutting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Because TSI engines are cleaner, you'll also save on car tax. So they have a smaller impact on the environment, are kinder to your pocket - and, best of all, they're great fun to drive.

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A TSI engine

The TSI story

EVO engines

With fuel saving Active Cylinder Technology (ACT). New engine family.

The 1.5 TSI EVO engine is available across most Volkswagen models and incorporates Active Cylinder Technology (ACT). The 1.5-litre four-cylinder engines were each designed as charged direct fuel injection engines (TSI).

The outstanding technical aspect of the engine is its active cylinder management (ACT). Volkswagen is the first carmaker to implement this fuel saving cylinder deactivation technology on four-cylinder engines, as it was previously the preserve of large eight or 12 cylinder engines. Shutting down the second and third cylinders during low and medium load states reduces fuel consumption in the EU driving cycle by about 0.4 l/60 miles*. For urban driving it saves as much as 1.0 l/60 miles. Even while driving at 70 km/h in fifth gear, fuel consumption of the Golf is reduced by 0.7 l/60 miles.

For more information watch our EVO eninges (ACT) video

An Evo engine
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