Interior shot of a Volkswagen, steering wheel and dashboard.

How your new car's technology works

When you choose a new car it can be tricky to know what all the buttons do and how best to work them, so we’ve made some helpful videos to help you understand exactly what your car’s capable of. If there's anything else you want to know, you're always welcome to get in touch with your local retailer, who will be happy to give you a demonstration or talk you through how everything works.

Woman using her phone

How to pair your phone(s) and how to toggle between them

Watch our pairing your phone videoOpens an external link if you’d like to know how to pair your phone via Bluetooth to your new car. It also teaches you how to toggle between multiple phones.

A sat nav system

Satellite Navigation: adding a postcode and other basic functions

Watch our Sat-Nav videoOpens an external link to understand the basics of your new satellite navigation system, from inputting a new address to saving regular postcodes. 

A car radio system

Tuning your DAB radio

If you’d like to save your favourite stations to your DAB radio then watch our how to tune your radio videoOpens an external link

Close up of infotainment system

Getting started with App Connect

App Connect is an innovative technology that allows you to bring smartphone apps onto your infotainment system’s touchscreen. Watch our App Connect video for more informationOpens an external link

Front of a car in the dark

4Motion Active control (Tiguan 4Motion models only)

4Motion Active Control keeps you safely on track whatever the weather. Watch our 4Motion videoOpens an external link to find out how you can activate this innovative safety feature so you’re prepared when rain or snow arrives. 

Visual of guide and inform service - Car-Net.

Car‑Net Guide and Inform / Security and Service

Car‑Net is the answer to connectivity behind the wheel. Watch our Car‑Net videoOpens an external link to understand its full capabilities.

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