Still of the VW YourWagen promotional video.

Come with us on the making of the YourWagen campaign

Over the years, we’ve loved celebrating you

Our fans, customers, employees, and friends. Now, we're bringing that love to the forefront of everything we do. 


We’re proud to launch our latest brand campaign, featuring real Volkswagen customers - real people, real cars, real love. We’ve become the car company we are today because of YOU. This campaign is a celebration of our community and a celebration of the future. Because it’s not just Volkswagen, it’s YourWagen.

Without the Volks, there is no Wagen.

It’s not just Volkswagen
It’s TomsWagen
For musicians, it’s a BandWagen
Having kids? Now it’s a FamWagen
The people make the car
That’s why it’s YourWagen

Meet the owners!

Watch our YourWagen Stories, spotlighting passionate fans with authentic stories that showcase their love for the brand. They capture real moments, from heart- warming family stories, the ICE to EV transition, and charming young prodigies.


Andrew and Jordan are vets in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. With their day-to-day being completely unexpected they can rely on their Tiguan to get them through anything. Not to mention being a great family car for their little boy Feargus!

A couple standing next to their VW Touareg in a mountainous setting


From heart-warming memories of his family campervan to the moment it got stolen and finally recovered, Erum lets us into his life and how his relationship with his parents lives on through his Volkswagen.

A man standing by his vintage VW Campervan


A story showcasing the next generation of Volkswagen fans, demonstrating how love for Volkswagen can start from a very young age. The Scirocco touches all points of Hatzalah’s life, showing its importance and meaning beyond the car itself, through community, passion, and the memories it’s given him.

A young man sitting in his car and looking towards the camera through an open window


A story of how true friendship can help you navigate the challenging times of life, like menopause. Emma’s ID.4 has been the car that facilitates her and her friend's weekly open water swimming ritual, which they couldn’t live without. Emma’s passion for the outdoors is reflected in her choice of an electric car, and she’s never looked back since.

A couple standing next to their VW ID.4 with the sea in the background


To Ceri, Volkswagen feels like home. Her teenage years consisted of buying and modifyingvmultiple Golfs and she became involved in the wider Volkswagen community as a result. When she had her daughter Charlie and started to reflect on the impact she was having on the environment, she transitioned to an ID.3.

A mum cuddling her daughter standing next to a white VW ID.3


Luke’s first love was the Herbie Beetle in the Love Bug film he saw as a child at the cinema. His new-found passion led him to his second love, Helen, who he met through his Beetle garage. All of his fondest memories involve Volkswagen, which are evidently being passed down through generations as his son and grandson go on to share the same passion.

Luke leaning on his vintage VW Beetle

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