A service employee polishing the rear windscreen on a blue VW

Basic Maintenance

Remembering to keep on top of regular checks with your Volkswagen can be difficult at times, especially when you have so many things to think about. Here at Volkswagen, we have created these short videos to help show you how quick and easy it can be.1

How to refill fluids

It’s essential that your vehicle always has enough of the fluids it needs, e.g. AdBlue®, screenwash or coolant additive. If the respective fluid level is too low, you’ll be notified by a warning light. In a short video, we’ll explain how and where you can top up the fluids in your Volkswagen


How to check your brake fluid

A short video explaining how to check your brake fluid.


Repairing damage to paintwork – how it’s done

In our video, we’ll show you how you can easily repair small damages to paintwork yourself using the touch-up pencil. 


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Checking your oil

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