A VW technician fixing a Golf 8 which has been hoisted up, with a wheel removed

Economy Parts

What are Economy Parts

Our range of Economy Parts includes common parts used for general maintenance. We offer the range as a package that includes installation, which could save you as much as 30%.

When do I use Economy Parts?

Economy Parts are for cars aged four years and older. They are for parts of your Volkswagen that commonly need to be replaced as the vehicle ages, for example, brake pads and  windscreen wipers.

The benefits of Economy Parts

  • Handy: These parts are suitable for a wide range of repairs, including brake pads and discs, silencers, starter batteries, pollen filters, wiper blades, and shock absorbers.
  • Economical: Developed with affordable repairs in mind.
  • High quality: Our spare parts come with the same certified quality as all Volkswagen parts.
  • With or without installation: Available from your Volkswagen Retailer for you to install or for us to install for you.

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