A VW technician stands looking into the engine bay of a car

Engine and chassis

The engine and chassis are the two largest components of your Volkswagen. Find out below about maintenance and repairs.

The engine is the centrepiece of your vehicle

Avoid damages to the engine caused by material mixes with third-party products and use only products of verified quality. Whether it’s spark plugs, a timing belt, lubricant or coolant additive, both engine and transmission will be happy with Genuine Parts and your Volkswagen will run more smoothly.

VW spark plugs

Spark plugs

In cars with a petrol engine, spark plugs ensure that the fuel/air mixture ignites at the right moment and your engine can start.

A VW timing belt

Timing belt

The timing belt controls the precise combustion process in the engine.

A woman holds an engine oil bottle in her hands in front of a Volkswagen

Engine oil

Learn about our engine oils and other fluids for your car.

Toothed belt and spark plug FAQs

Volkswagen shock absorbers and silencers

Even on the bumpiest roads, our shock absorbers help keep your ride smooth. They also increase traction to give you more control no matter what the weather. Silencers meanwhile absorb the noise from your exhaust for a quieter drive.

  • Detailed view of a shock absorber

    Shock absorbers

    • Reliable: Decreasing the impact of vibrations and supporting the function of assistance systems (e.g. ESP and ABS).
    • Resilient: Offering top performance at high speeds, even with large loads such as a heavy trailers or lots of luggage.
    • Cost-effective: Protecting vehicle body and vehicle components from high levels of wear.
  • A Volkswagen Genuine Silencer


    Silencers absorb the noise from your exhaust for a quieter drive.

    • Consistently quiet: Volkswagen Genuine Silencers make your car 2db quieter than the legal requirement
    • Longer service life: Our silencers are built using durable materials such as stainless steel.
    • Optimising performance: Low flow resistance and reduced exhaust back-pressure increase engine performance and decrease fuel consumption.

Shock absorber and silencers FAQs

Volkswagen brakes

Two Volkswagen Genuine Brake Discs
Volkswagen Genuine Brakes give you better stopping power and more durability, because they are engineered specifically for your vehicle. 
  • Safer braking: Ensuring shorter braking distances.
  • The perfect fit: Developed for your Volkswagen and tailored to its weight, performance and maximum speed.
  • Greater endurance: Confirmed by rigorous tests under a wide variety of weather conditions and with up to 1,000 consecutive hard brakes on the test bench.


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