What is going on at Lancaster Volkswagen?

What is going on at Lancaster Volkswagen?

 So, what is going on at Lancaster Volkswagen?

Well, we're expanding! The site and buildings are going to triple in size!

Why are you doing that?
Quite honestly we're bursting at the seams. We've sold way more cars over the last 5 years than the place was designed to cope with, so we're growing it to match our customer's needs.

So what are the customer benefits?
A huge customer car park, with generous parking bays, more convenient to the customer entrances and easier access.

Is that all?
In addition the showroom will double in size so customers will be able to view all the massive Volkswagen range at the same time, well 11 of them anyway.

But what about used cars?
There will be twice as many Approved used Volkswagen cars and 3 times as many Approved other makes. About 150 used cars in total! That's some choice.

What about servicing and parts?
There'll be twice as many workshop bays, so we can get through servicing and MOT work more efficiently, cutting customer waiting times and increasing satisfaction. The parts department will quadruple in size too, giving more choice of Approved Volkswagen accessories as well as all other Volkswagen parts.

It's a shame you don't have a bodyshop on that site you know?
Funny you should mention that. We're also building a huge 20,000 square foot Paint and Body Clinic, fully Volkswagen group approved and capable of fixing a stone chip to a full accident repair. Great news for our customers.

You'll need more staff won't you?
Yes we will, about 10 more to begin with and most of the building work will involve local contractors. It's important for all of us to "keep it local”.

So it's all good news then?
Yes indeed, we'll minimise the disruption so our customers don't suffer during the build, our staff will love being part of such a huge expansion, and old and new customers will benefit greatly from the changes. It's just a good news story!