Running a sustainable fleet

How can your business make the jump to plug-in hybrid or electric?

A new Golf GTE being charged at an outdoor electrical charge point.

So you’re thinking about running a sustainable fleet. As well as lowering your carbon footprint, it could save your business a lot of money and create a more desirable incentive for your employees. It really is win win, and we’re committed to helping you build one that fits all your travel needs.

How we can help

When it comes to picking a vehicle that will lower your carbon footprint, your biggest priorities as a fleet manager are no longer solely about size, comfort and technology; you now have to start thinking about the fuel type. Our fleet experts are here to get under the skin of your business and to determine which of these three fuel types will suit you best:

  • Diesel: in the battle between petrol and diesel, diesel is generally more fuel-efficient. But both the cars and the fuel are more expensive to buy.
  • Petrol: petrol has made advances in technology which have revolutionised the fuel type, making it almost as efficient as diesel. Watch this space.
  • Hybrids: bridging the gap between fuel and electric, hybrid vehicles use a battery for shorter urban trips and switch to petrol or diesel when on longer journeys.
  • Electric: the future of driving. Electric cars use an electric charge for the entirety of their journey. They’re the most expensive of all the engines, but as the technology develops, we’re starting to see prices drop.

Government grants

Did you know that you could receive a government grant by being more sustainable? The Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) are championing electric and hybrid engines and are offering incentives for people willing to give them a try:

  • If you’re buying a new plug-in hybrid or electric, then you could receive a grant to lower the sale price. The amount of the grant depends on the CO₂ emissions of that particular vehicle.
  • Installing charging stations within the business is often a barrier for companies when considering going plug-in hybrid or electric. However The Workplace Charging Scheme can give you funding to get yours up and running.
  • And if you’d like a charging station at home, then the Electric Vehicle Home-charge Scheme (EVHS) could save you up to 75% with their funding for domestic properties.
  • Local authorities are in on the action too as the On-street Residential Charge-point Scheme (ORCS) provides them with money for installing charging stations for on-street residents.

Reducing business miles

We should all be working together to be more environmentally friendly, but apart from transforming to an electric or plug-in fleet, what else can you do to reduce your company’s carbon footprint?

  • Journey planning: as a fleet manager, preparation is key to ensuring your employee isn’t covering the same ground and wasting fuel. You can help your drivers plan their routes, and encourage them to use satellite navigation wherever possible.
  • Working from home: if the job can be done from home, then it will save time stuck in traffic and mileage on your fleet vehicle.
  • Car sharing: a hugely overlooked opportunity that makes financial and environmental sense. Employers can work out the logistics based on home addresses and put forward suggestions to their staff.
  • Cycling, walking and public transport: the physical advantages of exercising on the way to work are obvious, however you can also offer financial rewards with the Bike2Work scheme.
  • Technology: the world can now communicate without even rising from their chairs, with conference call services, emails and instant messaging. Together, they create a way of working that could persuade a driver not to make that 400-mile round trip. Introduce your employees to new communication tools so they can spend less time on the road and more time getting the job done.
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