Electric and plug-in hybrid
high voltage battery warranty

With our generous electric and plug-in hybrid car warranty, you can rest assured your car will run perfectly for years to come.

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Peace of mind with electric car warranties

When you buy a car, you want to know that it’s built to go the distance. At Volkswagen, we’re so confident in the quality of our engineering that all of our electric and plug-in hybrid (GTE) cars come with an eight years or 99,360 miles/160,000km high voltage battery warranty (whichever is soonest) on all material or manufacturing defects. The warranty applies to all GTE plug-in hybrids and electric cars (e-Golf and e-up!)

The nitty gritty

Gradual reduction in high voltage battery capacity over times is integral to the nature of the component, and does not represent a defect under the terms of this guarantee, as long as the reduction in capacity is not in excess of the value specified for this vehicle in the owner’s manual.

With the exception of the warranty term, all warranty conditions stipulated by the Volkswagen retailer selling the vehicle (prerequisites, criteria for freedom from defects, exclusions, settlement of claims, entry into force and start of extended warranty term, scope of application etc.) also apply to the high voltage battery.

Additional electric car warranties: All of our electric cars have a 3-year/60,000 miles warranty (whichever is soonest), for defects and repairs, a 3-year paintwork warranty and a 12-year body protection warranty.

Exclusions apply throughout, so please read our Terms and Conditions.

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Extended warranties

We want your peace of mind to continue long after your warranty expires, which is why we offer a range of extended warranties so you can enjoy a worry-free drive.

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Servicing your electric vehicle

It always pays to get your vehicle serviced as we can notice a problem before it becomes serious. Electric vehicles have fewer components than a conventional petrol or diesel engine, so servicing them is pretty straight-froward.

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Servicing your plug-in hybrid

Your plug-in hybrid has both a conventional engine and an electric motor, not to mention high-voltage cables and connections. It’s always a good idea to book your vehicle in for a service so equipment can be inspected and wear and tear can be addressed.

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