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I need a child seat for my car - what do you recommend and how do I fit it?

Your childs safety is a priority - for us, as well as for you. That's why we recommend and use Isofix child seat fixings in all our cars.

Isofix is being adopted worldwide as a safer way to travel with your children. The Isofix child seat fixes directly into compatible fittings in your Volkswagen, creating a secure link. its quick, simply and there's no need to use the adult seatbelts.

Studies have shown many child car seats are not fitted properly, puttiung your children at risk. With Isofix, securing your child's car seat properly is much easier, reducing the risk of injury in an accident.

Car manufacturers wanted to create the best, uniform standard for fitting child seats safely, and they came up with Isofix. Isofix child seats can be used in all cars which have compatible factory-fitted fixing. The child seat preparation has two mountings fixed to body of the car. The compatible child seat fits securely to these mountings by two support arms. They are easy to fit and offer high levels of safety because they are fixed rigidly to the car body. All out cars have Isofix fittings in the back seats. Click here to visit our accessories section- we recommend the Volkswagen Child Seat.

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