Diesel engines

Super-efficient, responsive engines

We're continually refining our Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) diesel engines to make them even more efficient while still being great fun to drive. They offer refined power, even at low revs, and exceptional fuel economy, which all helps to lower emissions. We are now converting our full range of TDI engines to common rail engines that are responsive, incredibly efficient, cleaner and quieter.

A Close up of the diesel engine, showing the location fo the diesel particulate filter

Diesel particulate filter

Diesel particulate filters are very effective in cutting emissions, trapping even the finest soot particles produced as the engine burns diesel fuel. 

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AdBlue: Selective Catalytics Reduction (SCR)

AdBlue is an advanced emissions control system, which helps your vehicle meet the latest Euro 6 exhaust gas regulations.

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A V6 TDI engine expanded

TDI (Diesel)

TDI identifies all our advanced diesel engines using direct fuel injection and a turbocharger. TDI engines are economical and smooth with high levels of torque (pulling power) and good energy efficiency.

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Our current 3.0-litre V6 TDI common rail diesel engine delivers greater refinement and a boost in power while returning higher fuel economy and emitting less CO2.

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Please refer to your Volkswagen Owner's manual for official guidance on use and operation of all our technology.