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Keep your car healthy with regular services and maintenance.

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A well maintained car will sell for more money, cost you less in fuel and repairs and will ultimately make your driving time more productive and enjoyable. When you choose Volkswagen for your services and maintenance, you can feel confident about the quality of service you'll receive - every time you visit us. 

Tailored service plans

When you purchase a Volkswagen, we will first establish which kind of driver you are: frequent, long mileage, infrequent or city driver. This way we can suggest the right service plan for you. The two Service regimes available are the conventional fixed ‘Time and distance’ and the adaptable ‘Flexible service’ regime.

Comparing service regimes

  Time and distance regime Flexible service regime
Vehicle usage Less than 10,000* miles per annum More than 25 miles per day
Type of journey Mainly city/town centre driving and short journeys. Motorway and main road driving. Mainly longer distance journeys. Constant speeds.
Conditions Frequent cold starts. High engine loading, e.g. frequent hill climbs, vehicle fully loaded, towing. Normal engine loading, e.g. with little or no towing, with little or no hill climbs. Normal vehicle loading.
Driving style Uneconomical, e.g. heavy acceleration, heavy breaking, constant changes in speed, constant use of high revs, ‘sporty’ driving. Moderate acceleration, moderate braking, engine revs mainly below 3,000.


Service intervals Time and distance regime Flexible service regime
Oil change service Every 10,000* miles/1 year Flexible to a maximum 18,000* miles/2 years
Interval service Every 20,000* miles/2 years  
Inspection service Every 40,000* miles/3 years Inspection service is typically in the third year of ownership and thereafter every second year for vehicles with an approximate annual mileage of 10,000 miles.

*Mileages are approximate as the Service Indicator system uses kilometers as its basis for calculation. 
A Flexible service regime is not available for up!, which only operates on Time and distance.

We’ve found that companies benefit greatly from the Flexible service regime. Since its introduction, petrol engines are averaging at least 17,500 miles and diesels 20,000 miles between services. This means less time in and out of Volkswagen retailers for you and your employees. The main reason for this is the on-board sensors that are continuously monitoring the temperature, level and degradation of the engine oil, as well as the mileage, brake-pad wear and battery condition. This allows the in-car computer to calculate when a service is required, so it only gets one when it needs it and not at set intervals. It even notifies you with ample time and a ‘Distance to Service’ display, so you can have plenty of time to plan your visit to your nearest retailer. 

This kind of service would not be possible without the advanced technology and engineering that goes into Volkswagen engines. When you book a service with us, we give your engines extra special care. We only use high-grade long-life oils such as Castrol SLX LongLife III, which is designed to keep your vehicle running better for longer. These types of oils are kinder to your engine and the environment, and even give you fuel savings of around 2.7%.

Express Visual Check

All cars are subject to wear and tear and in order for our state-of-the-art safety features to continue to keep you out of trouble, we need to keep them in good condition.

We recommend visiting us at least every 12 months so we can give your vehicle a free Express Visual Check and ensure everything is running smoothly. If you choose the Flexible service regime then it’s especially important to visit us, as you could go two years without a service alert.

This check will provide you with a written report detailing the visual condition of your vehicle and highlighting any items that may require replacement, such as tyres, brake pads and disks, exhausts and suspension items. It details everything you need for complete peace of mind and so that you can be on the road in the best condition possible. 

This Express Visual Check is free of charge to all Volkswagen owners, regardless of the vehicle’s age. 

The fleet package pricing programme

For us to give you an unparalleled level of service, we’ve developed a pricing program in partnership with our Authorized Volkswagen Retailer Network – the people on the ground at Volkswagen. This way, we can provide you with a competitive and transparent pricing structure for all your fleet needs, servicing and maintenance costs. 

The labour price you will be quoted will be the maximum labour rate band that your retailer is currently working to throughout the country, so you will never pay more than your quoted sum, wherever you are. 

Fleet records

The best way to save money on your fleet is to keep records of each vehicle’s operating costs. Want to know if one model is costing you more than another? Your records will tell you. How about if an employee is a particularly uneconomical driver? They’ll tell you that too. 

It’s the fleet manager’s job to keep these records up to date. We especially recommend including service and maintenance information, as well as the dates, duration and costs incurred when a vehicle is off the road for mechanical failure (including the pick-up fees). This way, you can keep track of your fleet and its costs; potentially providing you with significant financial savings from manufacturers when you present them with such robust records.

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