Four wheel drive alignment

a man inspects a Volkswagen

Benefits of having four-wheel alignment done

1.   Bumps are more efficiently absorbed for a smoother ride

2.  Fuel economy and road handling are improved

3.  Uneven tyre wear is reduced

Why is it required?

To ensure even tyre wear and correct handling of your car. This should be done if you're worried about uneven wear or the effects of an impact you've had (hitting the kerb or a pothole, for example).

What happens if it's not checked?

Your car may pull to one side, the steering wheel may vibrate and you may have to keep adjusting the steering to keep your car travelling straight.

What do we do?

We perform an Express Visual Check (EVC) for wear and tear. We then check the tracking, caster, camber and thrust angle of your wheels on our Four Wheel Alignment machine, adjusting anything as required. We then retest your car and road test it before giving you an accurate diagnostic print-out.

How often does it need to be checked?

When necessary