Hass and Helen standing with their sons next to their ID.3

Meet the ID.3 owners:
Helen and Hass

Meet the ID.3 owners:
Helen and Hass

A month after handover, we caught up with some of our very first new owners to find out what living with the ID.3 is really like.

Helen and Hass live in Oxford with their two young sons.

“We have a four-year-old called Theo and a very active 16-month-old called Max,” says Helen as she explains why they chose an ID.3.

“For me it's really about the environmental impact … it sometimes feels like you're quite powerless to do anything in your little realm of existence but this feels like a practical manageable thing that we can do.”

Hass kept the make and model – and colour – of their new car secret right up to the last minute.

“So when we went to the launch evening … it was the first time that she actually saw the car.”

And what does Helen think of the vibrant Makena Turquoise colour?

“I love it! And the kids like that they can always pick it out in the car park.”

Hass’s favourite thing about the ID.3 is the sound.

“The luxury of quietness is just such a rare thing these days,” he says, adding that he sometimes drives with the radio off just to enjoy the silence.

“It seems to lend itself to a calmer experience … and it gives you some reassurance I think with all those safety features.

“You know we lead stressful lives and just having something that makes that a bit easier is welcome.”

Helen is particularly taken with the personality of her new ID.3.

“You smile when you look at it,” she says.

“The lights and the sounds and everything within almost feels like you've got some sort of relationship with it … it's quite a charismatic car.”

Watch Helen and Hass’s story in the video below.

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